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Welcome to our DOs and DON'Ts page. Whilst Riga has a great deal to offer visitors, as with any major city there are a few things to look out for. Below is our guide to potential pitfalls. Follow this advice and you'll have a great time.

Watch out for Strip club scams

While you are out and about in the old town, you'll see stacks of fliers for the variety of strip clubs that are now commonplace in Riga. Reps will try to get you to go into these so called 'hotspots'. Don't visit any clubs that have doormen on the door. Reputable clubs don't have doormen and the main reason some of the shadier clubs have doormen, is to extract money for the ridiculously inflated bill that you'll be presented with at the end of the night.

Two golden rules where strip or lap dancing clubs are concerned.

Don't go in a club that has doormen.
Don't run up a tab. Make sure you pay for drinks and dances immediately, that way you won't be presented with a huge bill when you come to leave the club. There have been reports of bills of over 1,000 Lats with customers being marched to the cashpoint to withdraw funds to pay the bill.

Leave your passports and all valuable documents (Driving License, credit cards, large cash amounts, travellers cheques and flight tickets) in your hotel, preferably in a safe. Do not take them out with you if you do not need them as you may lose them to pickpockets.

Stay together if you are out late. Do not wander the city or go into nightclubs on your own.

Always carry the name, address and telephone number of your accommodation with you.